Commercial Short Sales

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Commercial Short Sale Property Real Estate Services

While the economy continues to struggle, many commercial property owners are looking for a way out. Unfortunately, because many are misinformed or misrepresented, foreclosure is the result all too often.
There is an alternative to foreclosure! 

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A short sale takes place when a property owner that is in a negative equity position proves to their lender that they can no longer afford their commercial real estate. In many cases this is due to an increase in vacancy rates, but other financial hardships such as decreased revenue as a result of the economy’s current situation can also qualify you.

We are a nationwide network of commercial property short sale Realtors providing stop foreclosure services to property owners in hardship for FREE! 


Benefits of a Commercial Short Sale

  • You will receive FREE short sale Realtor representation from a specialist in your area. 
  • Your credit can recover enough in as little as two years to qualify you for a new loan.
  • A short sale will appear on your credit as “Settled in Full” or “Paid as Negotiated” just like any other paid off debt.
  • In most cases, borrowers are completely forgiven of the remaining debt on the loan. The lender would simply forfeit their right to ever pursue judgment on the deficiency. Keep in mind, this is not an automatic.


Short Sale Specialist Network

We are the ONLY established short sale broker network in the United States.  Out of over 8,000 short sale experts in our network, over 1,000 have specific experience with Commercial Property Short Sales.  The average agent in our network of Realtors has closed over 50 short sale transactions. After we hear about your current situation, we will determine whether or not you will qualify for a short sale. If you do, we will match you up with our commercial short sale specialist in your area who will then handle the entire short sale process, from listing your property to negotiating offers with your lender.

Additionally, our short sale agents cooperatively work with borrowers’ attorneys, resulting in a smooth transaction. Your confidentiality is top priority to us! We will never release any of your personal information. 


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 Stop Foreclosure!
  • After a foreclosure, it can take up to seven years for your credit to recover.

    A foreclosure on your credit looks bad to future employers as well as future lenders.

  • After a foreclosure, your lender holds the right to pursue judgment for the debt owed on the foreclosed property. They can come after you for the debt even years down the road.
  • If your lender fails to sell your property at auction, the property will then go through the bank REO system. As the structure sits vacant, it is only deteriorating with time. This extended sell process can result in a greater deficiency.

  • On average, it costs a bank $58,000 to foreclose on a property. In many cases your lender would prefer that you short sale your commercial property and avoid foreclosure.

Property Evaluation

Commercial Real Estate Short Sale Services


If you can no longer afford your commercial property, you may be able to stop property foreclosure through commercial real estate short sale services for FREE! Our Commercial property short sale specialist Realtors help property owners stop foreclosure and short sale their commercial real estate at no cost. Call today and ask, “can I short sale a commercial property?” or say, “How do I short sale a commercial property?”.  If you have an apartment building that you need to short sale, contact us and just ask “How Can I short sale an apartment building“, and we will get you on the right track.  Our agents have worked short sales with many different short sale commercial buildings, including strip mall short sales, business park short sales, business condo short sales, commercial building short sales, and general commercial real estate short sales. We will put you in touch with a local expert experienced with the Commercial property short sale process in order to offer no cost solutions.  Usually a short sale is much better alternative to foreclosure.