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 Short Sale Specialist

We are NOT investors or short sale home buyers!
We are NOT a short sale mitigation company!
We are a nationwide network of Realtors who are specialists in helping
home owners avoid foreclosure through a short sale.
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To become a preferred partner member in our network and get direct listing assignments there are a few requirements:

  • You must never charge the homeowners any money for services, period.
  • You must never refer the home owners to a 3rd party mitigation company. All work with sellers’ lenders must be done in house for listings we assign to you. 
  • You must be part of the Short Sale Lead Machine program, which provides you with your own short sale website.
  • You must have an attitude of service towards your clients and be compassionate towards their needs.
  • You must have experience in working short sales.
  • You must have no complaints against your Real Estate license.
  • You must have no direct or indirect interest in buying the property, and never accept an option contract, or encourage a home owner to sign a quit claim deed or power of attorney.
Some of the benefits of free membership in the Short Sale Specialist Network include unrestricted use of our site including our lender forms, documents, and contact numbers page, as well as participation in our monthly tele-seminars! We have a forums, groups, blogs and networking section on  In addition, we offer a FREE short sale training course.   If you are interested in getting listing assignments directly from us, go here for information and to schedule an interview –   
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 If you enjoy helping home owners by working short sales in an honest and ethical manner, we would love to have you as part of our network! 

Please fill out the form below, or set up a profile at

Remember, there is no  cost to join the Short Sale Specialist Network!

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