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  Minneapolis MN Short Sales


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We are a network of short sale specialist Realtors in Minneapolis who offer free help to homeowners in hardship. Our average real estate agent has closed 76 short sales. Contact us for no cost assistance.
Short Sale Specialists – (877)737-4903

How do I qualify for a Minneapolis Short Sale?
You have to first ask yourself “Am I NEEDING to get out of my house or am I WANTING to get out of my house?” If you are the “wanting”, then a short sale is not the solution for you. A short sale is for the homeowner who is in need of getting out of their home because they can no longer afford to make the mortgage payments. Your lender will have to agree to take a lower “pay off” in order to even make the first move in a short sale. You will need to be in some sort of financial hardship such as:

  • Loss of employment
  • Divorce or Separation
  • Relocation
  • Active Military
  • Excessive medical bills

A financial hardship got you into this, so you will need to prove that financial hardship. You will need to come up with a packet of financial documentation. This packet is called a Short Sale Package. Within this package you will need to provide bank statements, W-2’s, Pay stubs, and so on. Be sure to include your hardship letter. This letter will need to be specific about your situation. Try to remember dates and times, for that may help. Honesty is key.What will I be required to provide in a Short Sale?

Why should I choose a Short Sale over a Foreclosure?

A foreclosure will impact your credit much harder than a short sale. It will linger for up to seven years; making it close to impossible for you to take out another loan. Your credit will typically recover from a short sale within 2 years. In addition, your credit will only read “Paid” or “Settled in full” whereas a foreclosure will simply keep its title on your credit.

I continue to live in my Minneapolis home until the Short Sale is complete?

Yes, you sure can. You are still the owner of your home until the short sale closes. You will still have legal rights. However, it is advisable that you prepare and save for other living arrangements when they time may come.

How do I find the right Realtor for the job?

Short Sale Realtor.pngYou just have! You are already in the right place! Our top Short Sale Specialist Realtor’s are highly experienced and dynamically trained in getting the job done! With the amount of knowledge, skill and experience a Short Sale takes, it’s no wonder why we come recommended. You have already come to the right place, so please, I encourage you to contact us now!

Our Network covers the entire state of Minnesota, and our services are 100% free for you.
Please call (877) 737-4903 or fill out the form below for a confidential, no obligation consultation. Please list the city your property is located in as well as the best time to contact you.

Remember, our service is at no cost to you!
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