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Plainfield, IL Short Sales

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We are James and Denise Orrico with Professional Residential Brokerage. We are your local Plainfield short sale Realtors who offer free help to home owners in financial hardship who must sell their homes. Throughout the greater Chicago area, we have directly helped over 400 area home owners avoid foreclosure with a short sale. All traditional closing costs are paid for by your lender, including our commission as your real estate agents.

Your Plainfield Short Sale Specialists
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Plainfield Illinois Short Sale Help

What is a Short Sale in real estate?

A short sale is a type of transaction that can occur when a homeowner is typically in financial hardship and must sell their property. In a short sale, all lenders and lien holders must agree to accept a payoff of less than what is owed on the property in order to avoid a typically inevitable foreclosure proceeding.

What are the benefits of a short sale?

A short sale is not the best option for every home owner in hardship, but it is certainly the most logical for most. Many of the alternatives such as loan modifications or repayment plans are like putting a band-aid on a hemorrhage, as they usually only delay the inevitable. Foreclosure and bankruptcy also have very significant long term consequences. A deed in lieu of foreclosure shows up on credit, and can even leave a borrower liable to repay their lender for losses in the future. Here are a few good reasons why a short sale may be the best alternative:

  1. In most cases, we are able to get relocation money back from your lender in order to do a short sale. This is typically a few thousand dollars, however we have helped home owners get as much as $40,000 back at closing in the past.
  2. A home owner can typically recover from a short sale in two years and be ready to purchase again with a Fannie Mae backed loan. A foreclosure can make it impossible for seven years.
  3. A short sale is free for you, and is an “as-is” sale. You will not be required to make any repairs to the property or pay any closing costs at all, including traditional Realtor fees. There is no cost at all to have The Orrico Team, your Plainfield Short Sale Realtors, by your side.
  4. In many fields, especially financial or government sectors of employment, a foreclosure can effect current and future employment. A short sale is not even public record.
  5. In a short sale, your lender will provide an approval letter that can offer full forgiveness of the debt and release you from repayment.. In a foreclosure, a lender can pursue a deficiency judgement against you years in the future in most cases. Because of this liability, a foreclosure often forces many into bankruptcy.

You can also view all options available to home owners who are in a hardship type situation. For more on the impact a foreclosure can have on your credit and financial future, we have a graph that shows the benefits of a short sale vs foreclosure as well.

What does it take to qualify for a Short Sale usually?

If you are considering a short sale, the very first thing to do is to simply fill out the form at the bottom or give us a call. As your Plainfield IL short sale agents we can pre-qualify you for a short sale in just a few minutes and answer any of your questions right away. The main two qualifications are that and 1.) Your estimated proceeds from the sale of your home are less than your total mortgage balance after any late fees and penalties and 2.) You must usually be in some type of financial hardship,

Some examples of financial hardships are: military transfer or relocation, reduction in household income, loss of employment, medical expenses, increased living expenses, Death in the family, property in deteriorating condition without money to make repairs, etc. In most cases, before even considering your short sale, you will be required to prove your hardship by providing financial documentation as well as a hardship letter. This bundle of paperwork, along with some documents we provide, is commonly called the Short Sale Package.

How can I choose a good Plainfield Short Sale Realtor®? You don’t need to look any further, you fount the best! While finding an agent with education and training is great, our experience is that there is no substitute for experience! Use caution not to trust your financial future to just any agent, as the results of inexperience can be disastrous. In addition to going through most of the trainings and earning most of the short sale “designations” in the industry over the years, we have helped over 400 area home owners actually complete a short sale.

As your agents, in addition to marketing your home traditionally and finding a ready, willing and able buyer to purchase your property, we will walk you through this difficult season and explain everything to you in detail. We will also help get all of the required documentation together and present to your lender, and work directly and persistently with them to process and get your Plainfield bank short sale approved and closed. The best part is that there is absolutely no cost to you through this process.

James and Denise Orrico
We are here to represent YOU and look out for YOUR interests in the transaction. Remember, our service is at no cost to you!
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As Plainfield Illinois short sale specialists, we will walk you through this entire process, work directly with your lender, market your home, and help get you a fresh start. So if you need a Plainfield short sale agent, contact us today. We expect to continue to see an increase in short sales in Plainfield and throughout Chicago into 2022. There are quiet a few homes popping up in the Chicago area that MUST be sold due to high unemployment rates. This is forcing down home prices with an increased supply, with all the issues with the virus pandemic. We work Chicago short sales and we offer free short sale help in Plainfield Illinois and can help you avoid mortgage foreclosure with a short sale. We are Plainfield IL short sale specialist Realtors in Zip Codes 60544, 60585, 60586 short sale agent help.

Memphis Short Sale Specialist

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Short Sale Realtor in MemphisEvery homeowner should be educated on their options to avoid a foreclosure. Many options are available to distressed homeowners however; short sales are becoming increasingly popular due to its abilities to assist homeowners. Short sales offer cash back incentives, a credit score that suffers far less than one of a foreclosure and the assistance of a short sale specialist at no cost.

Something each and every homeowner in worries about is how their credit will be affected once a short sale all is said and done. The truth is, a short sale itself may drop your credit score by 50 points, however it will the delinquent mortgage payments that do the most damage; each missed payment ranging around 30 points. When you compare a short sales versus a foreclosure you will see that a foreclosure may lower your credit score by 300+ points and sit on your credit report for up to ten years. A short sale will typically recover within two years while usually displaying paid as negotiated or settled in full on your credit report. A foreclosure also has the potential to hold you back from a certain career path because it is not uncommon for employers to do a credit check before making a decision.

How To Short Sale A Home

One of the greatest benefits of a short sale is having an experienced short sale Realtor assisting you throughout your short sale. The goal of a short sale Realtor is to handle all negotiations on your behalf while working aggressively to get your home sold. A highly qualified expert in short sales will be able to keep constant exceptional communication with all parties involved while offering their services to you, at no cost; your lender will typically pay all commission and closing costs. There is no reason to let your home go into foreclosure when you have options available and professionals who dedicate their lives to helping distressed homeowner.